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I was born David Harry Schroeder on December 31, 1954, and grew up in Sidney, Ohio.


Graduated Sidney High School Class of 1973.     Went to Yale.    Graduated Class of 1977 in Pierson College.


Wrote home computer games in the 1980's, including Crisis Mountain and Dino Eggs.


I worked at Microsoft in the early 1990's as program manager for Access and FoxPro.


Dino Eggs: Rebirth

A full-featured revival of my 1983 game DINO EGGS is now on sale

for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


DINO EGGS: REBIRTH is a faithful re-creation of the original 8-bit game -- 

-- and an expansion of the DINO EGGS mythology

with many new challenges and puzzles.



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Saving the dinosaurs from extinction

-- one egg at a time -- since 1983


Dino Smurf

DINO EGGS (1983) was also known to many as DINO SMURF.


DINO SMURF -- a widely-distributed parody of DINO EGGS (and of course Smurfs) -- was the first part of a planned trilogy of hacked games by Dead Smurf Software (Andrew Johnson and Preston Nevins).  Castle Smurfenstein (Castle Wolfenstein) was the second part of the trilogy.

In DINO SMURF, Time Master Tim became Smurf Butcher Bob, as he tried to save his children by going back in time and destroying the smurf's prehistoric ancestors (including the now extinct orange smurfs).


More about the Dead Smurf Software Trilogy...


David H Schroeder's Computer Games

I am author of several bestselling home computer games from the 1980's, including:


and HO! HO! HO! Five Family CHRISTMAS GAMES published by Random House.



War in Middle Earth

I also created art, animation, and music for the Melbourne House/Synergistic Software game

WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH.  Aaron Willis is doing a great job in collecting original materials from that game.


Here is his WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH website...    Here is his WIME Facebook Page...



I also wrote the theater musicals ALKMENA and EXPECTATIONS.

I write songs -- including community/humorous and cowboy western.

I am married to Margaret D McGee and live in Port Townsend, Washington.


I design and maintain websites.  My technical resume.


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